Best Alternative to Google


Kensaq is developed and handled by the Ask media group, LLC. It is a search engine that acts as a substitute for Google. Kensaq search engine is like an index of digital information. It arranges available information as the topic and then sub-topic similar like a book index.

Kensaq is almost four years old search engine heavily depends on the keywords and query language. With state-of-the-art technologies, most of the index in Kensaq starts with an automated program called spider. The main advantage of this spider program is that it first visits sites that are available on the network and then uses the keyword to classify the information which is required by the users.

After the task of indexing completed, the spider program uses the link to another site for finding more and more content related to index or keywords. This allows Kensaq to supply extra content associated with the element of context. This type of functioning is advantageous if the user searches for an unclear word or term.

Kensaq search engine works similarly like what Google search engine does, but the main advantage of Kensaq over Google is that it does not collect data of users like Google do. Thus it ensures and provides a safer environment to its user.

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