Making India Self Reliant


Reliance Commercial Finance is now re-branded as Reliance Money to fulfill the requirement of various individuals in India. The product details available on are:

1.    SME loans/business expansion loan – small business loans for MSME/SME

This type of loan specially crafted by keeping the need of MSME/SME, which covered various industries focus on the five businesses given below:

  • Equipment loans
  • Education infrastructure loans
  • Healthcare infrastructure loans
  • Hotel developments loans
  • Loans against property
  • Talented markets business loans

2.    Infrastructure Loans

These types of loans based on the requirement related to working capital and project finance for different contractors. They cover the entire range of Infrastructure field.

3.    Microfinance

These types of loans specially designed for micro borrowers who always want to achieve their dream. Reliance money is a partnership with various microfinance institutions so that investments can be disbursed with minimum documentation and competitive rates.

4.    Personal Loans:

Such loans are easy to get due to the hassle-free process of unexpected emergencies.

5.    Two Wheeler Loans

A consumer can now quickly fulfill their dream for two-wheelers by applying in reliance

6.    Used Car Loan

These loans are highly customized as per consumer required for purchase of second hand used car. This is good for those who want to upgrade from two-wheeler to four-wheeler first time in their life.

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