Success Story of MONA LABS – world’s smartest personal shopping assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence


Orkun Atik founded the Mona Labs in 2014. It aims to provide a mobile-based shopping application, and it works totally on customers’ feedback and their tastes. Mona is capable of delivering an interactive product search experience based on analyzing customer response and thus provide better results in real-time. 

The estimated annual revenue of Monalabs is $3M. The company is located in Seattle, Washington, with more than 35 estimated employee strength. is the first artificial intelligence-based individual shopping supporter and studies the preference, style, and price band of the customers. This is their significant stride towards creating a mobile shopping experience that is similar to offline store experience between customers and assistants.

Customers can visit the portal- to explore a wide variety of fashion products as per their liking and wishes. Mona labs work simultaneous along with 300 plus retailers famous in fashions Industries to provide the best suitable products with competitive prices to the customers. The company also offers free shipping along with all sorts of payment options. 

With more and more advancement in the technologies, Mona Labs faces neck to neck competition from rivals. Operator, GetOnDemand, Mezi, Laiye, yellow messenger, whereto are some of its top competitors.

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