SIMCS Handicrafts – A well established online craft store from India.


SIMCS Handicrafts, a well established online craft store from India and now exporting to more than 50 countries worldwide.

The journey started in the year 2007, but the main channels for promoting its products as Amazon and eBay. But later, they realized that having our web store and establishing a brand makes more sense.

Arun Sharma and Tarun Sharma both started this venture way back in 2007 and have connected with hundreds of top-rated Indian artisans, who make various types of hand made products such as candle holders, candelabras, cremation urns and much much more. But these artisans lack funds in promoting and advertising their products which we did it for them.

We then build a website, SIMCSHANDICRAFTS.COM, where we showcased only handmade products made by these poor artisans from various states and cities of India.

SIMCS Handicrafts donates 50% of their revenues to these artisans families for a good cause.

Arun Sharma and Tarun Sharma both are qualified young professionals from the USA and India.

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