Success Story of or RetailMeNot – an online platform for buying and selling gift cards


Aaron Dragushan, who is the founder and CEO of GiftcardZen, started this company in 2012. GiftcardZen provides an online website that enables users to buy and sell gift cards merchants at discounted rates.

The company is located in Phoenix, Arizona, with empowered by almost 10 number of estimated employees. GiftcardZen, which buys surplus gift cards from various retailers and sells them at a discount online to the users. This is a gift card open market, helping people save money at all major retailers.

The users can check more details on the web page and also through Facebook page or for regular updates. Not only this, but the users can also contact the company through email and even through Phone Number 888-841-2698.

Generally, users receive their gift cards within three business days after the purchase through email. It provides excellent deals to the customer and thus saves a lot of money. With the help of friendly and responsive customer service, the company is gaining trust amongst people. And also, it provides 100 days money-back guarantee if a physical gift card is not delivered within 30 days or for any inaccuracy.

The top competitors of GiftcardZen are:-

1.    Raise

2.    Cardpool

3.    GiftCardRescue

4.    CardCash

5.    Zeek

6.    Tango Card and many more.

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