Success Story of – A new era for changing QA with continuous delivery


Started in 2012, Rainforest is a platform for website testing. The headquarter is in San Francisco, California. It allows publishers and developers to run error tests for their websites.

Mr. Fred Stevens Smith is the Co-Founder & CEO of Rainforest started this company with the mission of transforming quality analysis into elegant and straightforward infrastructure. Such type of facilities enables development teams to deliver bug-free software. The estimated annual revenue of the Rainforest is $10M. The company is backed by a strong team of more than 120 estimated employees. is altering the method QA is done in a time of continuous delivery.

Rainforest provides different types of solutions to its users, such as platform, test designer, test manager, and quality analyzer. The company also provides supports to its customers.

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QA, Crowdsourced testing, manual testing, software testing, continuous testing, automated testing, regression testing, functional testing, exploratory testing, automated testing are few specializations provided by Rainforest.

The interested customers can look into for related information. You can also contact them through email and phone 415-969-6326 for general and sales inquiries. 

The main competitors of Rainforest QA are test IO, Testlio, Applause, XBOSoft, UserTesting, 99tests, and QA.

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