Success Story of Blessing for Ecommerce Business Owners


ShipBob offers affordable shipping solutions to e-commerce merchants. This will, in turn, help them in meeting the customer expectations in the desired way. The software is free for all users. There are networks of fulfillment centers across the US.

Dhruv and Divey created ShipBob in 2013. The firm’s original name was SnailMail Pics. It allowed users to send photo prints to their loved ones. With the technical background, they decided to automate the process. has a creative team that developed software to automate the fulfillment process. The expertise has contributed extensively to opening several centers across the country. This has truly helped in saving time and money.

The company works intending to handle all services like storing, picking, packing, and shipping. Hence, e-commerce companies can focus on selling their products. It can ship orders to more than 220 countries and territories

The services are primarily used by Brummell, Bakblade, Paleo Scavenger, and many more. The interested users can submit all the information online using the web page including the number of monthly shipments etc. You can get in touch with the ShipBob support staff efficiently for any inquiries over the telephone, personal visit, and online form or via social platforms like Facebook account.

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