Success Story of – A platform which allows developers to create serverless web sites


Founded in 2014 by Edward Benson and Jake Lau, Cloudstitch allows developers to deliver the website to the end-users, which can cause mange wholly from an office suite. It has an estimated revenue of $5.2M.

The head office of Cloudstitch is located in California, United States, with the mission to make the web accessible to everyone by making web development simpler, faster, more reliable, and spontaneous.

The basic idea behind the use of is that it involves zero infrastructure investment, and it also works well within the existing system of the users. The web developer platform connects with webs or mobile apps with ordinary spreadsheets, which also replace custom databases, including infrastructure in it. 

The significant benefit is that it allows data movement in both ways such as updating in the spreadsheet automatically changes the website and on another hand any changes in website automatically change the spreadsheet data

Such techniques are already used by many web developers working on both the Google and Microsoft platforms. More details available on and can be contacted on email:

The top alternatives of Cloudstitch are

1.    Airtable

2.    Glide

3.    Sheets

4.    Smartsheet

5.    xlwings

6.    SpreadsheetDB

7.    Shetty

8.    Sheetlabs

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