Success Story of – State of the art Nanodiamond based technology


The company was founded in 2013, by Ambika Bump, and Terry Sachlos with the aim of the introduction of revolutionary Nanodiamond based technology, especially for earlier detection of cancer diseases. The company is located in Berkeley, California

Bikanta is biotech; the company mainly focuses on developing clinical products that led to earlier detection of cancer by inserting fluorescent Nanodiamond. The possibility of nanotechnology in the near term is to act as a tool to study disease. These Nanodiamonds are capable of detecting any abnormal molecular activities at much higher rates, thus enables doctors to stop cancer from spreading any further.

For any information, you can contact me at email or the phone number 510-402-6871. More details are available on

Some of the Bikanta’s product categories are:

  • Cell tracking FND 100/ FND 40
  • Azide-conjugated FND 100/ FND 40
  • Amine-modified FND 100
  • Biotin-conjugated FND100 and FND 40
  • Carboxyl-modified FND100/ FND 40
  • Unfunctionalized FND100 and FND 40
  • Silica coated FND100
  • Thin/Thick silica-coated FND 40

Bikanta’s key partners are Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable, Molecular Foundry, and QB3, etc. Its main competitors are TeraSense, Neaspec, TeraView, Asqella, INO, and Tracer.

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