Success Story of CloudMedx

Untitled-1-Recovered has been founded with a vision to make healthcare affordable and reachable to all doctors and patients.

To improve clinical operations, documentations, in-depth learning solutions are used to get the concepts. The platform has built an AI Assistant so that the patients and physicians can use their data for decision making. The company has already accomplished work in areas of liver cancer, heart failure, etc. with top hospitals in the country. The entire process is automated and thus reducing the overheads and inefficiencies.

  • Medical analyzer, coding analyzer is offered for health systems
  • It allows consumers to get content about the medical conditions
  • App developers, health IT vendors can build their own solutions or use the existing one for information about the terminology used, risks involved, etc

It has $3M in estimated revenue annually. SV Tech Ventures and China Equity are the recent investors of the company. The company has received a total of $6.2M in funding. Hindsait Inc., Prognos, and Qventus are the major competitors of the company.

The support staff is accessible in various ways. You can call them, email, or submit your requests in an online contact form, or you may make a personal visit.

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