Success Story of Original Stitch- Get the best online shopping experience for shirts, anytime

Untitled-1-Recovered is an online fashion clothier in San Francisco, CA. There are more than 400 colors and patterns available to choose from. The platform brings quality and technology hand in hand. The shirts are designed as per the Japanese craftsmanship and kaizen philosophy. allows users to customize their clothes. The shirt’s fabric and style can be tailored online, such as choosing the underlying structure, about the outer and inner collars, then about the cuffs, pocket, and hidden placket. The choice is also being given about the button color and monogram. The dress shirts are made in Japan from 100% cotton. The details for the manufacturing process can be checked in to the web page 

The shirts are designed uniquely as per your likes and to best fit your personality. They are delivered right at your doorsteps. The app is too easy to use, and you can design your dress shirt in just a few minutes with a few clicks only. The best part is that before making the purchase, you can check a preview of the shirt as well.

You can submit any of your inquiries online or by email, and the original stitch service team will be more than happy to help further.

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