Success Story of Thrive Agritech – state-of-the-art LED technology for greenhouse effects


Started in 2014 by Brian Bennett, he is also the CEO of Thrive Agritech. The company design and manufactures the world’s most advanced indoor lighting solution, specifically for agriculture sectors. The company is located in the United States.

With an active research and development team of more than 50 employees, the company is actively involved in creating one of the most advanced sensors in the world, which are beneficial for human and future farming also. The total estimated revenue is $ 4.6M. provides various high performances led lights with a controlled environment, especially for the agriculture sector, and also has a patent-pending technology that grows plants better through different harvesting techniques and thus increases various photosynthetic spectrums of the plant. The LED comes with the brand warranties for five many years, and so Thrive Agritech ensures full peace of mind.

Few of products are

  • Apex- Best for glasshouse Supplemental, Sea-of-Green Cannabis Flower, etc
  • Boost- Ideal for Single-tier Leafy Greens, Multi-tier Cannabis Flower, Cannabis Veg, etc
  • Infinity 2.0- for Multi-tier Leafy Greens, Multi-tier Cannabis Veg
  • Under-canopy lighting- suitable for Supplemental Cannabis Flower

The consumer can get more details on their website: also contact them through email and Phone Number (800)-205-7216.

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