18. Sano:- A way to monitor glucose level in the blood.


Sano is a quick solution or way to monitor your glucose levels, anytime and anywhere. Now technology is growing rapidly, this startup uses apps to check the glucose level in the blood. Over a couple of years this startup becomes one of best medial startup companies. Fitbit has also invested an amount that is more than $ 6million in this enterprise. With the help of this investment Sano is now focusing on developing the coin-sized patch that will track blood sugar levels that will control diabetes.

Nowadays most people are suffering from diabetes, more than 100million Americans are living with diabetes. In that case, checking glucose and sugar level becomes necessary for people who are suffering from diabetes. It is a less painful way than the previous other ways and it is not only the painful option for monitoring the glucose level but it is also very cheap that can use by people of any income group. With the help of Sano, you can even check the impact of dietary choices on your body, and it shows the accurate result whenever you check your glucose level.


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