Grail:- The Success story of Grail


We all have heard that “Health is wealth”, these three little words have a deeper meaning. The most vital thing is health if you are fit and healthy nothing will stop you from achieving your dreams. And decease is something that restricts the individual to pursue its dreams. The most deadly decease that is growing at a rapid rate is “Cancer”, and it kills the individual and there are few chances for an individual to survive after cancer. And “Grail” understands the pain and brings a solution for this deadly decease. Grail is a start-up company, that comes with the objective of diagnosing the cancer-related problems at an early stage. This startup has also received huge funds support from the Hillhouse Capital Group.

They are even focusing on the trend of cancer from every part of the world and to bring the solutions for the same. “China” is also giving huge fund support to this startup. Now, this startup is focusing on the research part, so there are no profit details that have been found for this startup. But within a couple of years, their efforts will bring back huge profit and success.

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