Success Story of DHVC – Digital asset venture company that invests in early-stage companies


DHVC also is known as Danhua Capital; Digital Horizon Capital is located in California. The company is mainly based on venture capital fund for investment in the start-up stage technology companies.

DHVC associate mainly in early-stage and growth-stage companies with unsettling technologies or business models, a big market, and a brilliant team. The funding primarily focuses on artificial intelligence, robotics, mobile internet, big data, and cloud computing, and other technologies.

Andrew GU and Shoucheng Zhang founded it in the year 2013. The company invests in the enterprise, consumer, fin-tech, and healthcare companies along with a motto to combine all experience in entrepreneurship, operations, venture, and research to serve the growth and success of his portfolio companies.

The company is backed by more than fifty numbers of employees which are professional investment team along with an exceptional academic, industry, and investment background. Its estimated revenue annually is 18.2M.

A brief description of DHVC is available on, and an interested consumer may also contact them on email at

DHVC always aimed to provide start-up companies with a wide range of possessions from both domestic and overseas markets that will give them lead to their potential for superior accomplishment on a global scale.

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