Success Story of Harvest.In

Untitled-1-Recovered deals with a data security firm that enables organizations to identify and stop data breaches, insider threats, and stolen credentials. It was founded by former NSA employees in September 2014, as 405labs, and has received just over $2.7 million in two rounds of seed funding, its headquarters is in greater San Diego area, western us. The company founders were alexander Watson, Anna zelenak, and John Cavanaugh.
The company mainly works in an area called data – leakage prevention. At one time, a lot of companies got into it, but most of them didn’t get much traction. automated looking at the file – access patterns to detect which are reasonable and which is not because of this, The Company became a success.
It does this by using neural nets, natural – language processing, and other AI algorithms, and tracking data storage and access, and components, applications, and users on the network. Its flagship product is called MACIE Analytics. The company has been an amazon web service customer and featured in an Amazon web service startup spotlight in august 2015. Later on, Amazon Web Services acquired at $19 million in early 2016. For more information, you can visit the given link

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