The success story of Android


In the era of mobile apps and extensive use of the internet, smartphones are an integral part of every individual. People mostly rely on mobile devices to access the internet and carry out necessary operations. Individuals who love online games want to play mobile games on their PC have to go through a complicated process.

Android has developed the OS through which the users can access every mobile app on their PC and laptops. To provide a seamless browsing experience to the users out there, the company has developed the operating system. It helps to establish a connection between your phone and your PC so that you can operate all the mobile apps on your PC without any trouble.

With the OS, the user can run the android on windows, all the mobile apps such as snap chat, WhatsApp, mobile games, everything can be accessed on the desktop through the Andy. The team of Andyroid has developed an innovative OS for internet users to bring all the entertainment and communication on the desktop. Andy OS by the company happens to be the most useful one for the users who have to be on their desktop all the time and need to synchronize their mobile apps to the desktop. To know more about the company and the OS, you can visit

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