The success story of Golden


Golden is an industry that helps different companies to increase and improve productivity and the decision-making process. The company was founded and started by Jude Gomila; he is the CEO of the company. The company develops Encyclopedia and knowledge tools, and it also provides financial helps to new and emerging companies.
Golden can raise $5 million in funding in total to achieve its mission and vision quickly. The Mission of Golden is to organize, collect, and express 10 billion-plus topics in and to present them in a comprehensive, neutralized, and accessible manner. The company is designed and established to encourage a deep and extensive view of knowledge and also contributes positivity to society.
Golden provides various tools and technologies to solve the problems of the enterprises. The different products and tools of Golden are fully automatic and unsupervised language writing systems, cheap cloud storage or processing, human in the loop AI system, auto spelling and grammar checker, React, and graph databases.
Golden is trying to build an interface to provide compiled knowledge with the help of frictionless editing, validating facts, topic tracking, and transparency. To know more about the company, visit the website:

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