The success story of Kickback


Kickback is a company that develops a product for the export industries. The company was started in 2014; December by Vlad Nov. Kickback is a private limited company with ten to fifty employees. Y Combinator and Mark Pincus are the two lead investors of the company. Till now, the company can raise $30 million with the help of the newest investor, Omers Ventures.
Kickback has some categories of a product like eSports, Gaming, Video Games. In the monthly web, visitor, Kickback is ranked 1,689,370 among websites globally based. The company vision is to discover new solutions for old problems and to provide opportunities to the people and companies to accelerate innovation with different perspectives for a better future.
Kickback has made many developments and added many products to provide a better solution. The company products are Crunchbase Pro, Crunchbase marketplace, Crunchbase Enterprise, Data Licensing, Customer stories, pricing. Crunchbase pro is for the individual to access company, funding, investor data with the help of a web interface, and it also provides many benefits like customer lists, CSV exports, advance search, and personalized alerts.
Crunchbase Pro is best for investors, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and market researchers. To know more about the company, visit the website:

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