The success story of Livongo Health


Chronic disorders like diabetes, cardiovascular condition, hypertension, etc. are prevalent among the individuals around the world, today, most of the people are leading a busy life, in which the diet of the individuals is getting neglected that results in these diseases.

Living designed a program for people with chronic disorders to track the clinical result effectively. It is estimated that most of the middle-aged Americans are suffering from chronic diseases like behavioral health disorders, diabetes, or hypertension. To manage their clinical condition and to live a better life, Livongo has integrated technology with health. Individuals with chronic diseases seek help from this platform for expert support, track their health habits, monitor their health, etc.

For diabetes, behavioral health, hypertension, weight management, the company has developed personalized tools for the individual patient through which they can be immensely benefitted. The company has 164,000 happy members until now, with its advanced technology and scalable health impacts on each individual with a chronic disorder. The professional team of Livongo is dedicated to the clients they are serving. They help the individuals save on their health plans and treatments considerably as well as lead a happy life. To know more about the company, you can reach

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