The success story of Rebag


Rebag is the best platform for people to buy and sell luxurious handbag. In this site, you can sell your purse for an upfront payment, and you can also shop any of the selected bags at this store. It is an online store for handbags and was started in 2014 by Erwan Delacroix and Charles-Albert Gorra.
The best thing about this online platform is that you can sell your old handbag and earn some money by sitting at home. Rebag is best known for selling second- hand designer bags at a discount or half the price of its original value. It provides an excellent price for both buyers and sellers like the seller can sell their old handbag at a high price, and the buyers can buy a new product at a discount.
Rebag is a fast-growing e-commerce company that employs a team of 120. The company was started by great efforts of a team out of Harvard Business School, and the company able to raise capital funding $52 million. The company has all ready to come to great success by reimagining the role of luxury in the secondary market into a reality. To more about Rebag, you can visit the website:

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