The success story of Subdream Studios


Subdream Studios is a game development company that is founded in 2016, by Francisco Martin and Jikhan Jung. Jikhan Jung is also the Chief Executive Officer of the company with a mission of replacing all gaming platforms, which charges thirty percentages to the gaming company. Subdream Studios has a total funding of $1.8 million.
Subdream Studios can play, review, and share their gaming experience to win token in return. The social VR gaming studio is located in the Bay Area, and this year, Subdream Studios team members have released three VR titles for home users and VR Arcade. The best thing about this company is that it develops social, virtual, and reality games and then markets the games on various platforms.
Substream Studios motivate and facilitate various users to purchase the package of gaming platforms so that they can subscribe to play games in real-time. This platform is best for professional gamers so that they can play and explore games in real-time. Subdream Studios has many products like Crunchbase, Virtual Reality, and G2. You will get a chance to play different games buying and subscribing to this platform. To know more, visit the website:

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