Success Story of Camp One Ventures- Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm


Camp One Ventures was founded in 2012 and is located in San Francisco, CA. The company has invested in various blockchain companies in the US, such as Stellar, Earn up, Ripple, Meta Brite,, Karmic Labs, Momentum, Simple Disability Insurance, and Augmate and many more. It is the only venture firm to invest in Mobius Network before IC (Initial Coin Offering). seeks various firms across critical industries, including financial technology, social media, SaaS, cloud computing and software, digital currency, etc. The company has an estimated revenue of $24M annually. The latest funding was for $6.8M in Mar 2015. Robert Claassen is the head of the firm. He has about 17 years of experience in building long-lasting technology companies. They look for the following characteristics of its partner company-

  • Low capital requirements
  • Early revenue
  • Experienced team
  • It should have a unique business plan
  • Located in Silicon Valley or other centers

The support staff can easily be contacted for any questions either using the online portal or by telephone. You can also send the requests by email, and they will be more than happy to help further.

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