Success Story of Curbside – Provide End-to-End solution for merchants


Denis Laprise and Jaron Waldman started the firm in 2013. The aim was to develop a mobile application that provides a unique way of finding, buying, and picking up grocers and other products from the stores. Curbside offices are currently located in Silicon Valley, Canada, and Japan.

The idea behind the foundation of Curbside is making the life of consumers easy by merely ordering the products and gets the notification for pickup once the order is completed.

The mobile app uses location-based technologies to give notification or alert the store when the customer is arriving for package receiving. This application also searches real-time local inventories available across the retailers, thus enables the consumer to see the stock before ordering their orders.

To provide fast offering and reach to a mass scale, Curbside joined hand with Rakuten in 2018. The name changed to Rakuten Ready, but the core goal always remains the same. The details are available on, and customers can also contact the company through email on or through phone on 1(888) 330-8304.

Xibao, Findify, GoGreen Store, and Big Data for Humans are top competitors of Rakuten Ready. The company specializes in free order in advance, online ordering, location forecast technology, and on-demand economy.

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