Success Story of Interana- data processing Company with fast and accurate answers to critical business questions


Interana has developed the platform which is capable of providing data related to the events. Such types of databases help companies to track and monitor customer behavior and experiences on their website. Interana is a private company that started in 2013 by Greg Smirin. The main office is based in Redwood City, California. The estimated revenue annually is $15M.

The company particulars are available on the website The customer care or any help can be accessed through their email at, and for the quick response, they can be contacted over the phone number 0805 432 1730.

The top competitors present in the current market for Interana are:

1.    Looker

2.    GoodData

3.    Sumo Logic

4.    Akita

5.    CoolaData

6.    Bhava Communications and many more.

Interana permits users to study and investigate the critical business aspects that matter most in today’s data-focused scenario, such as growth, retention, conversion, and engagement. The studies related to these elements require quick action like in seconds rather than the hours or days, as it is indispensable to find solutions for the growth of the business.

It allows customers to notice and examine these key insights elements quickly through its visual and interactive interface, which makes data analysis easy and essential for any workflow.

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