The success story


Doug Peltz founded, and the site was started for the students, and the children age between five to ten years. Through this site, the children can ask a question about the world around them and can get the answers. This site is primarily for children who are passionate and are eager to learn and know more about science. has the best science explainers from the world like Exploratorium, LePort schools, Field museum, Klutz, and Stanford. The best thing about is that it does not neglect the curiosity of the children. They answer every question asked by the children. was created for the children to provide them with a better explanation. has developed a lot this year in the US out of one out of five children who had used this site to get expiations. Almost 50% of elementary school is using in the US. The company is growing day by day. Now it has also added a video explanation for the better learning and understanding of the students.
The goal of is to create a better thinker, and the most critical objective is to solve the problem. For more information, you can check on the website:

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