The success story of AOL Time Warner


In 1983 AOL was started by William von Meister at that the venture had only one product that is GameLine. At that time, the subscribers were used to get a modem from the company for us$49.95, and it allowed the subscriber to temporary download the games and to keep track of a high score at the cost of $1. After this, the company made many improvements and became quite successful.
The biggest merger between AOL and Time Warner took place on January 10, 2000. After Time Warner become the largest media company in the world, making $165 billion combinations with America through Online. In 2003 time Warner sold its Warner Music Davison for $2.6 billion.
In 2018 the mass media company had revenue of 3,300 crores USD. The charter Communication agrees to acquire Time Warner Cable for $64.6 billion in 2015. In 2016 AT&T become the parent company of Time Warner buy buying it for about $ 85.4 billion. AOL now has many products; it provides you with News, games, videos, Finance, Lifestyle, and more. The company has its Headquarters in New York, United States. For more information, you can check through the website:

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