The success story of Beautylish


Beautylish, the name suggests the role of the business. The company was founded in 2010 to build a community of beauty lovers. The company got a good response, and the population grew with thousands of beauty lovers within a few months. People started looking for their need for beauty products on Beautylish.
In 2012, Beautylish felt pity for not being able to provide the loved products to the customers worldwide. Therefore they started their boutique to make individual beauty products available for the needful customers and beauty lovers. The company believes that the reason behind their success is a better customer experience. Beautylish builds a great relationship with the customers to give them a great shopping experience. The company offers not only order-related solutions but also shares the stories and mutual love for beauty products.
Beautylish has a small team of people who are working efficiently towards building trust amongst the customers. Sameer Iyengar, Co-Founder of Beautylish, says that the company brings back the importance of personal attention. Nils Johnson, CEO of Beautylish, says that he believes Beautylish will fulfill the needs of an artist along with an enthusiast. He also says that they are looking for artistic brands to add on to their beauty product collections. To know more about Beautylish, log on to their website

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