The success story of MURAL


The purpose of MURAL is to give people a space to share their thoughts about a topic and gain information about other peoples who think just like you. You will possibly get feedback on your thoughts before you can proceed further with your idea.
The remote platform of MURAL helps the teams to visualize their idea on the whiteboard and collaborate to craft better ideas and researches. MURAL is now accessible in web and mobile devices, which have increased the number of active users of the company. MURAL is far faster than before, irrespective of which corner of the world you are in.
Global companies are putting their trust in the company to keep track of their innovation processes in a short time. It is a private company with headquarters in San Francisco. There are around 200 employees in the company who are working dedicatedly towards increasing the market reputation of MURAL.
Mariano Suarez Battan, CEO of MURAL, says that the idea behind starting MURAL is to bring the dreams into life. He also says that MURAL will give the people an effective platform to combine different disciplines and approaches to produce a high output. With MURAL, bringing ideas to life is much more comfortable and practical.

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