Success Story of Sky Front


In 2013, simple mapping and surveying missions required operators to perform multiple flights over multiple days because of the limited endurance of drones. Operators had to constantly transport charge and exchange batteries, often in remote areas that are difficult to access. But in 2014, the sky front was founded. It is a world-leading provider of the long-endurance hybrid –electric multirotor drone system.
Its flagship product is the perimeter UAV, which flies for up to 5 hours and can travel up to 240 km. The Sensors, software, and communications that link to build drone solutions are capable of operating safely during operation far beyond the line of sight of the pilot.
Sky front’s mission is to fully automate and reduce the costs of aerial data collection tasks that have been traditionally performed by manned helicopters. It also maintains similar safety standards as in manned AV. The secret behind long flights times is the proprietary fuel – injected which convert gasoline into electricity in flight
What Sky Front Offers?
1. The ability to see your work in the hands of live customers.
2. A meritocratic work environment with lots of room for career advancement.
3. Competitive salary and equity-based compensation.
4. Experience with developing cutting – edge UAV technology.
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