Success Story of Sourcery


Naama Moran and Peretz Partensky founded Sourcery in July 2012. Naama Moran, born in Israel, came to the US to study economics, math, and political science at Cornell University. She later moved on to Silicon Valley, where she took classes in computer science at Stanford and co-founded Zappedy, a service platform enabling local businesses to close the loop between online marketing and offline sales. Groupon later acquired the company.
While working at zapped, Naama encountered a large variety of restaurant owners and food entrepreneurs. She discovered the hardships of running a restaurant and was surprised by the lack of transparency in such a significant marketplace. Naama met Peretz while camping together at a burning man, and the two started working together and founded sourcery.
They traveled the United States meeting food professionals from the smallest mom and pop restaurant owners to the chairman of Sysco. This meeting served as the foundation for what sourcery is today.
The company platforms allow food suppliers and buyers to manage their transactions online, ranging from electronic invoicing to payment to product selection. It also provides an application that streamlines ordering, price comparison, and cash. After taking service from sourcery client noticed much smoother bookkeeping operations and average monthly savings of $ 1000. For more information, you can click on the given link

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