The Success story of DailyDrip


DailyDrip is a site which provides with small size video which can help you to become a better developer. It’s a learning site that always offers something new with a short video. The mission of DailyDrip is to make continuous learning possible for everyone. In this busy world, DailyDrip only takes five minutes of your time in a day to give you a better and quickest learning platform.
DailyDeip was founded in 2013 by Josh; it was created due to the need for quick and daily learning. DailyDrip has transformed the learning style for busy professionals by making it faster and easier for them. The company now has many investors, and the first investor of DailyDrip was Jason Calacanis.
A short video is provided to the users of the DailyDrip with some proper emerging tools and techniques from the world of software development. For the subscribers, the videos are free for each day almost for 24 hours. They also get access to the topic-specific content on particular subjects like Elixir, R, Swift, Elm, and many more.
DailyDrip target some experienced developer to provide them more learning opportunity with very less time with the best Advisors. You can get more details about DailyDrip on the website:

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