The success story of Memo.AI

Untitled-1 was founded in 2016 and was co-founded by Cristian Strat, Liana Dumitru, Mircea Paso. It was created to help the technical teams to manage notes and instructions in a Slack bot. It is a superpower app that helps to build team knowledge and to keep records. By today’s date, this app is outdated and un-powered. had some powerful features like search notes, Auto-reminders, and privacy control. With the help of a search note, you could easily and quickly get the relevant content that you wanted to see. The best thing about this app was it had an auto-reminder as it automatically detects stale notes and reminds you about them. The third feature is the privacy control, which keeps your records private from outsiders and your teammates. was very popular as it was beneficial and easy to discover and organize. made it easier for your team to save anything important from slack like if you wanted to keep anything than you just needed to click on the star, and the note will be saved on your This app has more than 8000 teammates, and if you want to know more about the app you can check through the website:

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