The success story of NAVITAS CAPITAL


With the innovation of modern technology, infrastructural development is necessary for growth. For the development of the infrastructure, finance is the critical resource that should be accessible easily by developmental firms.
A venture capital firm NAVITAS CAPITAL, founded by Jim Pettit and Gary Dillabough, focuses on investing in construction and real estate for modern infrastructure. There are many construction and real estate firms out there that are struggling for the procurement of funds for their operation. NAVITAS CAPITAL, identify the potential firms for technological investment and invest in it to build the next generation. The technical incorporation in almost every sector around the globe has enhanced the productivity of the business now. Similarly, the integration of advanced technology in the real estate sector results in a bright infrastructure future.
To transform the traditional construction sector and to bring out the best in real estate, the venture capital firm is investing in potential business units. With its effective planning and efficient funds management service, the company has created a strong base in the real estate financing world. The professional team of the company is competent enough to recognize the investment-worthy firm to finance and get the best out of it. To know more about the company, you can reach

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