The success story of Thumbtack


Thumbtack offers online services to bring together local professionals with genuine customers or buyers. The company was founded in 2009 and had its headquarters in San Francisco. Currently, the business size has grown with a list of over 1,100 services under different categories.
Thumbtack offers a modern way of connecting professionals and people. Thumbtack makes money by making the professionals pay for giving genuine customers through the credits. These Thumbtack credits are used by the professionals to connect with the customers through quotes.
Thumbtack only receives payment for quotes as there are no hidden charges of the company on job confirmation or future job bookings and referrals from the same customer. The price of a single Thumbtack credit costs $1.50, but if a professional buys bulk credits, the price goes down to $1.42.
Marco Zappacosta, CEO and co-founder of Thumbtack, says that the mission of Thumbtack is to help the consumers and professionals connect to fulfill the needs of either party. With the help of Thumbtack, consumers can quickly look for local professionals such as tutors, gardeners, photographers, and others.
Thumbtack offers services under several categories, such as Wellness, Business, Web Design, Photography, Legal, and much more. The reason for success for the company is the innovative platform to fulfill the needs of both consumers and the local professionals.

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