Jaga-Me:- The success story of Jaga-Me

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Jaga-Me is a non-profit organization (NGO), the main objective of this is to provide soothing care to ill patients at home. It is actually a medical and healthcare industry that works as an NGO and treat ill patients at home. The nurses of Jaga-Me are well-trained or experienced from Singapore’s largest hospice HCA hospice care. They treat an ill patient who is not able to take care of themselves. As I mentioned above that it is an NGO, it requires funds on a regular basis. Their goal is to raise more than $ 10000 from the people, so they can offer one for one service easily. They have raised around $85.5k from NTUC Income & Sing Tel.

They have helped many ill patients and make them absolutely fit and fine. We all know, most people suffer from severe disease but not everyone can cure themselves because of a low budget. But Jaga-Me keeps this aim in mind and offer ill patient due to carry with well-trained nurses that are experienced in curing ill patient soothingly. Being an NGO it requires fund on a regular basis so that they can cure much more patients.


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