Success Story of Auro/Ridecell – A step towards better future, 100% autonomous transport solutions


Auro was started in 2015 to develop independent vehicle technology. I am thus offering self and slow driving solutions for college campuses, corporate offices, and within residential areas. Mr. Jit Ray Chowdary is the founder of Auro.

The head office is located in San Francisco, USA. The estimated annual revenue of Auro is approx $9M. Auro has merged into Ridecell, and now has various offices around the world, such as in Milpitas, CA; München, Germany; Bordeaux, France; Chiyoda-ku Tokyo and Aundh, Pune.

The company can build self-driven shuttles for transportation within campuses, such as at the university campus, and retirement community.

The top competitors of Auro are:

1.    Navya

2.    Easy mile

3.    Arbe

4.    Localmotors

5.    Waymo

6.    MayMobility

7.    Toro1

8.    Optimusride

9.    Driveai

10.  Get cruise

Thus, Auro specializes in robotics, autonomous vehicles, and self-driving shuttle. The company can achieve transportation in a simplified way, and it builds driverless, almost zero-emission low-speed shuttles that provide accessible transportation. The company website is and can also be contacted through email at

Having such 100% independent shuttles, Ridecell/Auro also helps in reducing the transportation operation cost by approximately 60% by avoiding expenses on drivers and other administrative activities.

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