Success Story of Palm Drive Capital – a venture capital investment company


Seamon Chan and Hendrick Lee founded Palm Drive Capital in the year 2014. The company headquarter is situated in New York. The estimated total revenue is around $1M annually, along with the support from the top industrialists and organizations in the US and China.

Palm Drive Capital is always passionate about innovation; the company specializes in Venture Capital, Technology, Investment, and Startups. The company has a generous and discriminated network that spans across the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia.

With the excellent working history, the portfolios of Palm Drive Capital includes companies such as

  •      Addepar
  •      Aptible
  •      Atrium LTS
  •      BigOne Lab
  •      Capsule
  •      Clover Health
  •      Creative Market
  •      Flutterwave
  •      Impraise
  •      Let’s Do This
  •      Medium
  •      OneStep
  •      Rappi
  •      StreetContxt
  •      The Flex Company
  •       Vetcove
  •       WaysToCap
  •       Zenefits

Palm Drive Capital has partnered with various industrialists all over the world who have created technology firm with over one trillion dollars that help the business to grow. More in-depth details are available at, and the customers can raise any questions and can ask queries through email id palm drive.VC team will be more than happy to help.

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