Success Story of StefansHead


StefansHead mainly deal in four categories that are fashion, accessories, music, or culture. The uniqueness of this company is its only response through text messages. No phone calls and no Emails. It, also known as “dealer of things via SMS.” The company’s founders are Trey Sisson, Satish Naadimuthu, and Creative director is Michael Kushner. StefansHead is a text message list for people who like cool stuff. It’s a mix between a curator, a shop, and a magazine all delivered over a text from a friend.
StefansHead is incorporating the power of messaging in a unique way that will allow influencers to engage top fans/followers and cultivate their brands even more.
How StefansHead Works?
Once you text Stefan, he will text you back and figure out if you are right for his exclusive list. Once you are on, he will send you messages about anything and will text you about new products every couple of weeks. When you get a text from Stefan, you have to click in to buy his goods quickly because they are constrained, and they go fast.
Once you enter your credit card information the first time, you make a purchase. Stefan will also remember your size too after you order once. For more details, you can visit our website

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