Success Story of V1.VC – A venture capital firm


V1.VC investors that made investments in companies, the office is headquartered in Boulder, CO, and San Francisco, CA. The V1.VC created by Brett Jackson, Bart Lorang, and Benny Joseph in 2015 with the aim of investment in consumer and B2B companies who are in their early stages all across North America. 

The estimated revenue of V1.VC is around $1M.This company always looks to make a better future by associated with extraordinary entrepreneurs working on big ideas. A client can check more details on their web page

V1.VC strongly believed that industries such as retail, job recruiting, real estate, healthcare, banking, transportation, and education need a major technological shift. As a result, a new trend is getting created, which needs simple, secure, and yet robust software knitted around the consumers’ experience. Not only software, but even hardware of the companies also require a significant makeover to meet the future demand of the current world.

Portfolio of V1.VC consists of many known companies; few of them are listed below.

·         Allbirds

·         Allure systems

·         Amperon

·         Sparta

·         Astranis

·         Automox

·         Boundary Layer Technologies

·         Carbon Robotics

·         Chowbotics

·         Clora

·         Corewellness

·         Dharma

·         Estated

·         Try

·         Flip

·         F0cal

·         Greathorn

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