Success Story of zPREDICTA (formerly Ixchel Scientific) – Selection of best regimen for cancer patients


Julia Kianticancer Mukti Parikh founded zPREDICTA in 2014. Both are well-known Ph.D. scientists. Its headquarters is located in San Jose, CA. provides an organ-specific platform that creates a cell-based biological model; this model predicts how the human body reacts to the drugs. It also showcases the three-dimensional microenvironment of human organs to shows the impact of specified medicines. These types of the platform enable drug development companies to identify drug candidates that will be effective in patients quickly.

The estimated revenue of zPREDICTA is around $5.1M, with estimates employee strength around more than 25. The company is generating a reconstructed organ technology that enables reconstruct human biology so that guesswork from drug development can be eliminated.

The ability of this platform consistently predicts the medical outcomes which offer better multiple scrape management. Thus making influential researchers remove the ineffective compound, and enable a high chance of success while selecting agents.

The firm provides patient-derived 3D culture models that show the accurate result of the test of anticancer agents. It offers services for screening anticancer therapeutic agents. All the related details are available on the website:

The customer needs to fill in the project request form and submit the same for further response. The same needs to be forwarded to their email address

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