Abre:- The success story of Abre


Online classes have become the need of every student. Students take more interest in taking classes online. There are so many companies who want to give out these services but lack of knowledge and platform they stop their plan. So here is the good news for the company that want to give out these online class facilities to students. “Abre” offers an education management platform where people can create, purchase or deploy their education style in a more innovative way. It even provides access to the information and tools to teachers, parents, community members and students. In just 14months of a startup, it has been used in more than 38schools systems and 240plus schools.

Almost everyone gets to benefit from Abre’s application and its software tools. It has created a wave that transforms the education system and helped every start-up who wants to give out education services. It also designed several useful education apps that help schools, parents, and students to connect with education in a very good way. It has also raised more than $850k from multiple investors and adds more features to their apps and software.

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