Aceable:- The success story of Aceable


Want to learn driving? But don’t you have much time to invest in driving classes? Don’t worry here is the good news for you. If you really want to learn driving then “Aceable” will surely help you in learning driving without practicing physically. Aceable is actually an application or app that lets you become a learner driver and most interestingly you will also get a license at your doorstep. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to go for test driving, you have to do that. But this is good for those people who want to learn driving but don’t invest much time learning driving physically.

This is one of the best start-up companies that raised more than $55million from Saga view Capital and other multiple investors.  It has even gained funds from VC firms and the fund amount is increasing day by day because of the success of Aceable. So if you are also willing to become a good learner driver then you can anytime use this application and get learning class at a nominal charge. 

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