Augean Robotics:- The success story of Augean Robotics


As we all know farmers are the ones who grow food for us. And they are playing the most important role in our life. As technology is developing rapidly and there are thousands of technologies also working to decrease the efforts of farmers.  And with the minimum effort, they can grow much more food.  Augean Robotics is a start-up company that manufactures autonomous robots for the farming and construction industry. They first developed a robot, named “Burro”, this robot is a self-driving one. It follows the users and maps the journey and forming a virtual conveyor belt. Most surprisingly it can lift the weight up to 450pounds. Currently, this startup has received a fund of $250k from multiple investors. Firstly it has received small funding for building the MVP and after the great success, it has received more funds from investors as well. Currently, this product becomes the first choice for many farmers in the USA and Augean Robotics are trying to extend their robots to some other markets as well.

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