BenchOn:- The success story of BenchOn


There are two types of problems that create major issues, one if unemployment and another is a lack of good staff members. Some companies are facing a lack of employees and on the other hand, employees are facing unemployment as they are not getting regular paid work. BenchOn brings both of them together, an employee who want work and the companies who need staff members. BenchOn is a start-up company that brings both employees and employers together solve their problems.

The main motive of this start-up company is to reduce the rate of unemployment and enhance the rate of employment in the nation. BenchOn also helps to generate employment and boost economic stability.  Currently, it has received more than $ 650k from multiple investors and bringing more development in their work. Artesian VC and BlueChilli have also invested a huge amount in this new startup. As there are lakhs of people who want a work that brings daily bread and butter for them and companies want good staff members who can work decently with them. so with BenchOn they can contact with different companies and work in the reputed firms and earn a good sum of money.

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