Boxed:- now get your favorite product at a wholesale price


Are you a shopping lover? If yes then this article will surely make your day. Just imagine, if you are getting your favorite things at a wholesale price rather than at the retail price. Nothing is most fantastic than this news, yes this is not an imagination, but it’s true. With Boxed you will get your favorite things at a wholesale instead of the retail prices. Boxed is a shopping website that will offer you your favorite items at a nominal rate or wholesale price. But it has only one condition that you will be only shipped a box. What you have to do is to fill the box with your favorite items and this is how you will get your favorite products at a wholesale price. The cost of the box is $20, but if you fill this box completely then you don’t need to pay any price for the shipping. You just need to pay the price of the product and then shopping is completed. It has received more than $243 million from multiple investors. So with this start-up, you can not only get your favorite product but you just need to pay the wholesale price of those products. Is it so amazing?

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