CarServ:- The success story of Carserv


Does your car also get breakdown uncertainly? This is a common problem among car drivers. And most mechanics are not able to say the accurate time of the car repair. And because of this we sometimes fall in trouble. Due to the lack of an automated system, we don’t know the exact time to repair our car. But “CarServe” is working to change this problem and to bring the perfect solution to this problem. They have even received the fund of $500k from Salesforce and other multiple investors. The main objective of this start-up company is to develop a solution that helps mechanics to know and inform the customers of the time to repair their car.

This start-up is on the way to find a quick solution for this problem and to completely remove the annoying conversations between mechanics and customers.  This idea comes in the mind of the founder of CarServe when he going somewhere and suddenly his car broke down in the middle of the road. So now with CarServe get to know about your car, and to even get the information when it needs repair.

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