Classbento:-The success story of classbento.


Most people want to start their own company as there are few people who are happy with their job. If you are creative and want to do something big in life then ‘Classbento’ will surely help you to attain your goals.  ‘Classbento’ is a start-up company that focuses on bringing out your creative side to the light. They actually provide a fun-filled that is easily accessible in Australians.  They have even received a fund of AUD 200k from multiple investors because of their outstanding work and innovative ideas. With the help of the workshop, they are helping and empowering the local artists to showcase their talents and make art affordable, accessible and appealing for every individual. It takes a nominal fee as a commission for each booking like most of the event creator takes. It functions as an associate for all the local workshops and makes their creativity recognizable.

One thing that makes it different is the innovative idea, Classbento has brought the most innovative ideas for the individual who have talents but due to poor platform, they are not getting the light.

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