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Does your child love robot toys? If yes then Emotix has something very special for you. Emotix is a start-up company that manufactures a toy like a robot, that not only entertain your child but also teaches him something every time. They offer a toy that is loaded with various games and also teaches your child a little extra. Emotix is actually a company that develops emotionally intelligent robots that is capable of educating, engaging and entertaining the child that is above 5 years. It’s a half-a-foot robot that has wide knowledge that conveys or delivers information to the child in a very conversational tone.

The team members of this startup to understand that nowadays children like to spend more time on watching t.v or phones and it is not good for child health. Taking this in mind they have developed a robot that gives a service to the child, where they can engage, learn and play at the same time without risking their life. It has even received the fund that is more than $2M from different investors. The robots are just like their friends whom they can enjoy, play and learn.


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