HappyEMI:- The success story of HappyEMI


Everyone has dreams or dream products that they wish to buy, but they cannot afford it, because of their low budget. But now with a simple solution, you can buy your chosen product on loan. I know that when you heard this word you must be thinking of high-interest rate, paperwork and yes long process. But don’t worry, I have a better solution for you, HappyEMI is a start-up company that is providing loans to customers to buy their chosen product. In a simple language, they are actually offering you a loan that you have to pay after a fixed time.

It has also received a sum of $1.5million from the Jain International Trade Organization (JITO) and other investors. It is one of the best start-up company in India and very soon it will expand its market to some other country as well. Most interestingly they are offering their credit service through POS machine that is actually very rare. And within the last 2 years, it has established its name as one of the best credit offering company.  So if you also want to buy things and restricting yourself because of a poor budget then you must take credit at a considerate interest rate from HappyEMI.


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